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Harvard Business Review: The Upside of Career Envy

We all compare ourselves with others at various times in our lives. To succeed in a competitive world, it’s only natural for us to benchmark our progress against the people around us. And for those with a high need for achievement, constant external comparison becomes a source of motivation and a way to set clear targets for career success.

But when you find yourself constantly comparing your career to others, you may succumb to the painful sensations of envy, allowing someone else’s accomplishments to make you feel inferior. According to a recent study, more than 75% of people reported feeling envious of someone in the last year. While envy can be motivating for some, for others, it can sabotage their chances of success. Here are some strategies you can implement to stop the agony of comparison in its tracks and eventually make envy work for you.

Read the rest of the article in Harvard Business Review.

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