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Forbes: How to Know If You’re Humility Has Gone Too Far

With so much uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic and how best to respond, we see some leaders choose bluster and bravado to influence others and others that prefer to operate from a place of curiosity and compassion.

It appears that both styles have their merits with various audiences of followers. While arrogant “braggarts and blowhards” are unpleasant leaders to follow, there is evidence that people confuse their hubris with leadership potential, which may explain why they rise to strong positions.

The reason for their success may also have to do with their ambition. People are fascinated by, even if disapproving of, people who are go-getters at all costs, stopping at nothing to get what they want. And research shows that arrogance is attractive to followers because the audacity to be overconfident no matter what throws rivals off their balance and ultimately drives them out of the competition.

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