How I Work With Leaders

Hi, I'm Nihar Chhaya, it's great to meet you!

As a seasoned executive coach to CEOs, C-Suite and VPs at the world's top organizations, I mostly work with leaders through their companies on long-term engagements (6 and 12 months).

When my schedule permits, I also work with a handful of experienced professionals who are not in a position to contract me through their company yet need help on urgent leadership issues.

Here's a bit about my coaching expertise:

  • Among fewer than 5% of coaches worldwide, I hold the MCC credential (Master Certified Coach) from the International Coaching Federation.
  • Named in Harvard Business Review, "one of the top coaches in the world."
  • Over 25 years of business experience and leader development technique backed by strategic business training at the world’s top institutions: (Wharton MBA, Columbia MA, Georgetown BS).
  • Frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and Forbes on overcoming leadership challenges.
  • Selected by Marshall Goldsmith as one of the top 100 global coaches and co-author of his 2022 book, Your Personal Board of Directors: Leadership Advice from the World’s Greatest Coaches.
  • Frequent keynote speaker on coaching best practices at the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS), training thousands of coaches every year.
  • Clients include senior executives at: AbbVie, American Airlines, Baker Hughes, Bridgestone, Campbell Soup Company, Cigna, Coca-Cola, Collins Aerospace, Cox Communications, Dell, DraftKings, DXC Technology, Eli Lilly, Flatiron Health, GE, Genentech, JP Morgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Memorial Hermann Hospitals, Pioneer Natural Resources, Raytheon Technologies, Roche, Royal Caribbean, Shell, 3M, Target, USAA and Wieden+Kennedy, among others.

And these are the most-requested topics I coach leaders on:

  • Successfully preparing for, and achieving next level leadership responsibility.
  • Strategies for getting promoted internally or landing success elsewhere.
  • Improving cross-functional influence and gaining power (or working with powerful people in your company).
  • Managing time, delegating and getting out of the weeds.
  • Cultivating charisma and executive presence.
  • Managing self-doubt, envy and insecurity.
  • Best practices in leadership from my decades of coaching successful Fortune 500 executives.
  • Becoming more strategic at work and communicating effectively.
  • Surfacing blind spots and limiters in your success as a leader.
  • Dealing with conflict, being assertive and managing difficult people at work.

How To Work With Me

1. Company-sponsored executive coaching.

If you are a corporate HR/talent partner or senior executive who needs a coach for executives (e.g. after a talent review or a recent leader transition), I provide a rigorous process with 360 interview assessments, stakeholder-centered feedback and alignment with corporate talent plans.


A six-month engagement with CEO, C-Suite or VP ranges between a $60K and $35K fixed fee, depending on seniority.

Contact me at [email protected] for details.

2. Self-sponsored executive coaching.

Based on demand from leaders who prefer private coaching and can't budget at the corporate level, I offer discounted options depending on scope of support.

  • 3-months coaching (1 strategy session, 5 biweekly sessions and email support between) for $15,000.
  • 6-months coaching (1 strategy session, 11 biweekly sessions and email support between) for $25,000.
  • High-impact 60-minute working session for $1,500.

You will also have the option to have your session(s) recorded and sent to you for future reference.

Need coaching now on an urgent leadership/work issue?

You can book your High-Impact working session below:

  • Click on the button, select a slot and pay via the booking platform.

  • Upon booking your session, you will receive an extensive questionnaire to provide me with a deep assessment of your values, goals, challenges, origin story and vision for success.

  • This pre-work will enable you to maximize the working session, (and minimize idle chit-chat :) - so you can walk away with a clear results-driven plan of action.

Client Testimonials

“Nihar has been an excellent executive coach for me. He has this uncanny ability to know what I want to say before I say it - and he articulates my own thoughts and feelings better than I can myself.

He has given me great perspective and has even helped me craft the approach I needed for difficult situations I've faced. I value him enormously and highly recommend him.”

Maya Leibman, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President, American Airlines

“Nihar is an incredible coach and the time I spent with him was invaluable. He has a unique way of pushing you in dimensions you were not even aware you needed to be pushed.

I am forever grateful for the time we had and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to scale to the next level and unlock their potential.”

Kim Ernzen, President, Raytheon Technologies

“I have been privileged to observe the behaviors of a few executive coaches and ran a very selective process to find my coach.

I’m confident Nihar is not only at the top of his peer group, but I believe he’s world-class. He brought his real-world business and leadership expertise to meet me where I was, at my level of understanding.

Nihar is a very humble, nurturing executive coach. He holds you accountable and deeply wants you to be the best at your craft.”

Hamid Salim, Vice President, Lockheed Martin Corporation

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