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Nihar has been an excellent executive coach for me. He has this uncanny ability to know what I want to say before I say it – and he articulates my own thoughts and feelings better than I can myself. He has given me great perspective and has even helped me craft the approach I needed for difficult situations I’ve faced. I value him enormously and highly recommend him.

We’ve used Nihar on a couple of executive coaching engagements. He worked extremely well with the people he coached. Very direct with his coaching and achieved great results.

Nihar has been my executive coach for about two years. My work with him has been transformative and incredibly enjoyable. Nihar is down to earth, brilliant and funny. He truly understands what it’s like to be a junior executive at a big corporation and how to walk alongside you. He goes above and beyond. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Nihar is an exceptionally skilled coach who took the time to learn more about me on a personal and professional level, as well as took the appropriate steps to fully understand my needs in order to customize a coaching plan. Nihar was also able to quickly understand my environment by asking the right questions, taking time to connect with those who I work most closely with to collect all necessary feedback and insights. With that information, he and I had multiple conversations to identify my strengths and growth opportunities. His approach allowed me to develop a comprehensive development plan that is fully supported by my leader and is in process today. Many thanks to Nihar for his partnership and expertise!

As my executive coach, Nihar provided thoughtful insights and was able to articulate things in a way that lead to growth. He has an uncanny ability to articulate the dynamics of a situation to maximize the coaching opportunity. His process is customized to an individual’s needs in order to maximize effectiveness. I greatly enjoyed working with Nihar and highly recommend him for any leader looking to develop

Nihar’s thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and willingness to challenge your assumptions are what make him a standout professional and exceptional counselor. He has an uncanny ability to help you put together the pieces of the mosaic, allow you to step back, and then guide you in seeing all the connections. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his counsel and would proudly recommend his talents. The world and its leaders need more of it!

Nihar has been instrumental in my success. He has enabled me to align my team and my goals to increase enterprise value for our company. He is a top talent coach.

As my executive coach at Cox, Nihar helped me see myself as a leader within the corporate organization. This involved self-reflection and action planning around engaging and motivating the team around me as well as translating my expertise into meaningful business value for my executive colleagues.

Nihar really helped me focus on further developing my strengths and working on self-improvements that played a major role in my promotion.  He has great insights on personal development and he has an incredible ability to always ask the right questions that led me to put together and follow my development plan.

He is able to very clearly and precisely articulate the issues needed for development. On a personal note, I found Nihar to have a great personality for his job – friendly, patient, and an ability to put clients at ease.

Nihar was invaluable as a coach for me leading a $1B+ contract.  He aided me in driving strong accountability across the program team allowing me to improve my skills as the forward-looking leader for the program. This also improved the overall effectiveness of the team to stay focused on key strategic topics.

Nihar’s coaching showed an “ROI” for the organization/company and his coaching was valuable for leader, team and ultimately the business.  He helped change my management style into a more refined leadership style. It drove my thinking further into the realm of strategic forward-looking solutions rather than tactical execution. This improvement quickly resulted in a promotion and new opportunities for me.

Nihar is an excellent listener. He is warm and compassionate without being partial which is critical when attempting to correct an individual’s behavior.

He has an extraordinary ability to understand the purpose and intent behind what one is saying, rather than taking words at face value. By understanding intent, we can take action to resolve the root cause of a problem.

Nihar unlocks personal insights. Specifically, by leveraging Nihar as a coach, I was able to: (a) understand important subtleties of my personality type, (b) outline my ideal role based on those subtleties, & (c) define the succinct value I bring to an organization. Going forward, these insights allow me to evaluate new opportunities with much greater clarity. Overall, Nihar is an outstanding coach and I highly recommend him.

It’s been a truly refreshing and re-orienting experience working with Nihar. His work experience gives him a solid grounding in the relevant issues at play in today’s workplace. He has faced the same challenges. His ear for emotional nuance helps to uncover those niggling issues you probably need to deal with sooner than later, issues that extend outside the workplace. His insights are startlingly simple, yet profound and hard to forget. And he’s just fun to work with. I walked in thinking the measure of a coach’s performance was simple: it’s what you see on your scoreboard. And although my stats have improved dramatically during our work together, what I’ve been learning is how to enjoy the game again, to get back into my favorite role and just rock it. I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to do that.

The executive coaching that I have received from Nihar Chhaya has been indispensable.  He is a great sounding board and has allowed me to work through scenarios and ideas with him to get to a better outcome.  I appreciate all of the time and effort that Nihar has put into our sessions and would recommend Nihar as a coach to anyone that is looking to grow either personally or in their career.

After only a few sessions, I felt like Nihar truly understood my strengths and pinpointed the areas I needed to improve in.  Nihar embodies everything I was looking for in an executive coach – someone who listens, makes you feel comfortable, understands complex business situations and is truly committed to your personal and professional development.

Nihar is one of the most discerning and trustworthy coaches with whom I have ever worked. He is able to grasp the heart of an issue very quickly which allows him to provide deeply insightful guidance to his clients. Few people are as earnest in their desire to enable clients toward their goals as Nihar.

Nihar was my coach when I was considering a recent new role. During our weekly calls he helped me define the important elements of the ideal next role as well as see how my longer-term objectives could be achieved from a switch. Nihar’s experience as a coach, a human capital consultant, working for and with large businesses, and his academic background gives him a well-rounded perspective. He kept me on task regularly which I credit to helping me be systematic about considering what was next.

I was one of his first coaching clients – it was in that capacity that I was able to witness Nihar’s true talent as a coach. He helped me quickly gain perspective in my new assignment, develop and accomplish a series of goals, and be more effective in my role than I otherwise would have without his guidance.

Nihar has served as a trusted advisor and expert consultant to many of my clients. Nihar adds tremendous value, both to the client, and to the business development team and his contributions have served to increase customer loyalty, gain repeat business, and expand our footprint within client organizations. Personally, he’s fun to partner with, trustworthy and goes beyond the scope of his duties to ensure a “wow” on every project. He’s the first engagement manager I request for my new projects.

I hired Nihar as my coach to help me assess and make some decisions about what next steps to take in my career. Nihar’s extensive background in various business settings combined with the co-active coaching skills he brings to the conversations have been instrumental for me in discovering my strengths and building my confidence to take the next step in my career. Every session with Nihar lead to a breakthrough and new insights. Nihar asked great questions that allow you to look at things from a different perspective but at the same time is not afraid to offer suggestions to help you develop. I highly recommend Nihar as a coach.

Nihar was patient and understanding through my journey. He helped highlight my lateral thinking based on my core values. His insights into my strengths were something that I was not able to see, but now I can take this and apply into action. I now have the confidence to take on things that I would not have attempted as I propel myself to my next stage in life.

When I began working with Nihar, we decided to start fresh with new ideas on how I can decide my next career move. He was instrumental in assisting me to outline my goals and develop a tangible plan to achieve them. Nihar responds back to client emails so incredibly fast, you feel embarrassed if you don’t respond back with the same alacrity. He is able to offer actionable insight into a variety of industries such as finance, and pushes clients to think creatively on how to achieve objectives. I found our weekly phone meetings to be very useful in planning my work strategy. I would highly recommend his services to any of my colleagues that are looking to move vertically in their chosen industries or are trying to make a career change into something new.

Nihar provided a wonderful morning of training for our team of administrative assistants.  His session with us focused on encouragement, self-reflection and a call for us to continue to press forward toward excellence in our goals for our roles as administrative assistants.

His session was personable, informal and provided lots of interaction.  He paid special attention to ensure that he provided exactly what we wanted to accomplish with regard to our topic/theme for our annual workshop.  Nihar is wonderful to work with!


I had the pleasure to have a coaching session with Nihar. I personally found very useful and constructive to me. The style and professionalism of Nihar have helped a lot making the discussion open and deep. Nihar has the ability to make you get to the point and help you find the right solutions, making you always feel in the right spirit to face and solve your concerns. It was absolutely the best coaching session I’ve had.

Nihar is the genuine article. His executive coaching style encourages introspection, and he always provides thoughtful insights on what that introspection generates. His knowledge, depth of experience and collaborative approach to the coaching process makes him an excellent “sounding board” for verbalizing and working through issues and concerns. He will challenge you to think, provide honest and constructive feedback, help you to define a plan of action to address your concerns and walk side by side with you as you implement that plan. I would strongly recommend Nihar to anyone who is looking to engage an executive coach for themselves or their team.

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