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Nihar was invaluable as a coach for me leading a $1B+ contract.  He aided me in driving strong accountability across the program team allowing me to improve my skills as the forward-looking leader for the program. This also improved the overall effectiveness of the team to stay focused on key strategic topics.

Nihar’s coaching showed an “ROI” for the organization/company and his coaching was valuable for leader, team and ultimately the business.  He helped change my management style into a more refined leadership style. It drove my thinking further into the realm of strategic forward-looking solutions rather than tactical execution. This improvement quickly resulted in a promotion and new opportunities for me.

Nihar is an excellent listener. He is warm and compassionate without being partial which is critical when attempting to correct an individual’s behavior.

He has an extraordinary ability to understand the purpose and intent behind what one is saying, rather than taking words at face value. By understanding intent, we can take action to resolve the root cause of a problem.

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