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Experienced career coaching

When leaders and professionals recognize opportunities to grow in their influence and leadership capacity at a corporation or within an early stage venture, they often seek out coaching (or are provided a coach) to accelerate their development and impact.

But things inevitably change.  Perhaps a successful leader or experienced professional is ready for something new and yearns to apply their talents in a different setting.

Often their current company/role forced an unexpected transition and the leader now is confronted with decisions about what to do next.

Coaching high achieving people through this important part of the personal leadership and career journey is a service provided by PartnerExec, based on a deep respect for the leader’s strengths and talent as well as a desire to help them clarify options and find peace with the challenges ahead.

Whether that means landing a new role, starting their own business or just taking a break and attending to things they didn’t get to until this transition came their way, we help successful people make sense of transition and capitalize on it for their future benefit.

Some clients are guided by a need to change their status/title or compensation, a desire to leverage unique skills or a need to avoid repeating mistakes in choosing roles that conflict with their style or values.

Our coaching emphasizes a pragmatic approach with self-insight, business fundamentals and interpersonal influence methods to help you engage others around your goals.

In other words, we won’t just evaluate your resume or make a list of companies you should target, like traditional career coaches.  We will develop insightful strategies based on marketing and influence to help you position yourself above the competition, attract the role you want and negotiate the terms that are most favorable to you.

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Achieving career success with fulfillment starts within

Self-insight on your values and unique make-up

Experienced leaders and professionals who are actively seeking a new role or suddenly find themselves unfulfilled in their careers often need to rediscover who they are before they jump into the next opportunity.

Doing an honest self-assessment of capabilities, values, motivators and preferences with the help of a coach helps them avoid being in a similar position again, where either their talents are not being recognized amidst their company’s expectations, or they are in a role that fails to bring them a sense of success and personal joy.

Aligning your strengths and beating discomfort

After developing greater awareness of your unique strengths, values and goals (as well as personal deal-breakers so you know what will not fulfill you), coaching helps you evaluate where your gifts can be better utilized and where you may be resisting developing the things that will get you where you want to be.

Remember that we often overleverage strengths to the point that they become weaknesses (or at least trick us into thinking we don’t need to develop in any other areas to be successful).

When we don’t develop in those areas, while still wanting to achieve certain goals in careers, life and finances, then we are getting in our own way by resisting the reality of how real success is achieved.

Your coach helps you make balanced decisions in applying strengths and growing in weaker areas so that you ultimately become comfortable with discomfort and expand your capacity to compete at a higher level.

Developing habits that bring personal growth and professional reward

Once you get a clear sense of what drives you, what unique talents you have, and what you want to achieve in your career at this stage, your success will rely on making key habits stick.

Consistency is the key to extraordinary achievement and can be difficult to accomplish when a habit is new or unfamiliar.

But with coaching, you will practice worthy habits and actions that you know will get you where you want to go, in a way that is motivating, brings early wins and keeps you focused on your targets.

Much of what we do well in our careers is not as much based on the right decisions as it is based on the right belief system. We will help you challenge limiting beliefs that are in your way so that you can make decisions that are right for you, with clarity and confidence.

Coaching for the moments that matter

Coaching on networking

In addition to supporting your self-discovery and helping you take action that aligns with your values and goals, it’s important that we look at your goals from a pragmatic lens.

Not every step toward your career goals will be easy or fun.

But coaching can help ease the discomfort or annoyance involved along the way.  So we look at the tactical aspects of your career journey and help you have a game plan for each of them.

One important area is networking.

Depending on your comfort level with networking and your existing base of connections relative to the work you want to be doing, we will coach you on expanding your network in a smart, quality-over-quantity way.

We will work on methods to connect with key decision-makers and supportive professionals that will position you for a greater likelihood of landing the role you want. And we will even work on drafting scripts to use that demonstrate how you can offer value and develop deeper relationships.

Coaching on high stakes interviews and critical meetings

Our coaching also addresses those scenarios where the stakes are high and you are finally “on stage” getting closer to your ideal role.

Let’s face it, knowing yourself and developing good habits in your search for a more fulfilling and successful position is important but only gets you so far if you can’t perform when it matters.

Our coaching helps you prepare for interviews and screening meetings as well as unexpected interactions that can make or break your candidacy.

By having a coach on hand, you can quickly get a sounding board on an expected conversation or meeting and have ideas to use immediately that will maximize the opportunity given to you to bring your best self forward.

Coaching on negotiating and ensuring an even exchange of value

Often experienced professionals in transition to another role struggle with impatience and uncertainty, which is understandable given the discomfort of being in limbo.

If one is purposely taking a break from their role or career, this stage can be enjoyable.

But if not, the waiting and hoping for clarity about the next stage can lead to reduced confidence and the tendency to take whatever comes your way at the expense of what you need and want.

Through coaching, we equip you with ways to approach interactions from a place of strength.

We practice scripts to assert what you need while also presenting your value from a place of service.

This helps you develop a long-term relationship of mutual benefit with your targeted employer or business partner and reduces the likelihood of you feeling unfulfilled or taken advantage of in the future, only to be on the search again in a short time period.

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