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Practice before going live: the Communication Clinic

Many of our clients need to work on communication specifically, because it is such an integral part of leadership and business success as well as their self-confidence.  Through the communication clinic offering, we target three methods of communication that arise as potential areas for development:


Your coach will help you craft more effective emails, texts and presentations, whether to influence and drive results across corporate teams, engage and motivate customers and clients or better position one’s candidacy with hiring companies when seeking a new role.


Coaching on conversations include: balancing listening with speaking for better dialogue with senior leadership and team members; developing rapport when dealing with prospective customers or decision-makers (e.g. sales meetings, pitching a product or trying to ace that high stakes interview); recognizing your blind spots in terms of connecting with an audience of one or a group; and learning how to better engage, inspire and persuade others.


Coaching on speaking covers a broad array of executive needs, including:

Developing confidence in front of small and large groups; finding your unique method of executive presence; demonstrating charisma and gravitas; and retaining audience attention (a common need for highly specialized or technical leaders presenting to business audiences).

Through the Communication Clinic, clients get a safe place to practice and a trusted feedback partner to help them think through their ideas and style before going live in a high stakes situation.

Many clients need help before specific events where they will speak while others just want to be able to feel more natural in case they are called upon to speak in an impromptu fashion.

Other clients have been given feedback that they are too dominant in their approach to colleagues or too passive and want help balancing their conversational style at work to avoid limiting their career potential and influence.

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