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Before starting PartnerExec, Nihar spent several years leading internal talent development for a $3B division of a Fortune 500 company, supporting over 3,000 employees and executives.

Many of the people that hire Nihar today are in similar HR and talent development positions at global companies and in these positions, they know a balance must be struck between hiring an external coach for high potential leaders or struggling executives, and managing the costs involved with providing such dedicated 1:1 support.

While it would be great to provide every leader on the succession plan a coach, it isn’t always feasible.

For this reason, many companies that believe in systematic leader development and succession planning based on clear competency-based development as their managers move into higher level positions, have experimented with developing internal coaching capabilities.

Nihar consults internal HR and talent development teams on developing their internal coaching capabilities and also provides coach training for internal coaches to help them develop their approach and credibility when working with senior leaders in their organization.

Sample topics Nihar coaches HR and talent development leaders on include:

  • How to develop credibility with senior leaders when coaching them internally.
  • How to differentiate between being a “mentor,” a “business partner” and a “coach” when working with your leaders.
  • Navigating difficult coaching conversations and working with leaders who are skeptical about being coached.
  • Working with the leader that never reveals weaknesses.
  • Working with the leader that aims to please you and always tell the coach what they want to hear.
  • Managing your internal critic when coaching.
  • “Drive-by coaching techniques for quick interventions.
  • Conducting discovery sessions to start coaching the right way.
  • How to get buy-in throughout a coaching relationship and doing it authentically.
  • Managing confidentiality around information and coaching data.
  • How to make development plans stick.
  • How to help leaders become better coaches to their teams, not just manage to expectations.

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Helping HR leaders become more strategic partners

Be the stakeholder, not a handholder

By utilizing a coach as a third party advisor for your HR team and the leaders you support, HR is freed up to do what they do best – be a strategic stakeholder and direct partner to their executives and their teams.

Coaching to become more effective at influence, communication and business acumen

In order for your HR and talent development teams to be taken seriously as strategic partners to the business and functions, they must be able to demonstrate a high level of capability in communicating strategic issues, understanding business dynamics and negotiating plans that involve complex trade-offs and healthy debate.

Our coaching helps HR leaders get a true seat at the table in their company with credibility and influence.

Helping your talent and HR team develop internal coaches

“Coaching the Coach”

Nihar coaches internal coaches on how to develop chemistry and credibility with their leaders.

Nihar has also trained cohorts of internal coaches who come from HR, talent development and the businesses when companies seek a more cost-effective and company-focused coaching approach instead of relying on outside support.

Consulting for your HR/Talent team to develop an internal cadre

In addition to developing your internal coaching capabilities, we help you explore ways to continuously improve coaching outcomes, get support internally for coaching and learn ways to manage resistance from business leaders that may be skeptical about receiving coaching within the company.

Why Choose PartnerExec?

Nihar has extensive experience coaching leaders and consulting HR/talent organizations.

He has worked with companies across various industries including:

Air Liquide, Becton Dickinson, Cox Enterprises, Dell, Devon Energy, Eli Lilly, ExxonMobil, FedEx, Flowserve, GE (Crotonville), Hershey, JCPenney, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, L-3, McCann Worldgroup, Medtronic, Pioneer Natural Resources, Raytheon, Royal Caribbean, Shell Oil, Target, Texas Instruments and others.

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