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Coaching new-in-role leaders and their teams

As companies evolve to achieve more challenging business goals and compete effectively in their marketplace, they know that the capabilities of their leaders and employees must continually grow to support their strategy and execution.

In addition, companies that want to hold onto their best talent must provide opportunities for growth and movement within their organizations, not just stretching the skills of their high potential leaders but investing in them and keep them motivated and engaged.

Too often a robust succession plan (decided upon by senior leadership about who will get promoted to which pivotal roles within the coming years), or an unexpected reorganization that requires movement of new leaders into new roles, misses the nuanced challenges that arise for the newly placed leader upon their new assignment.

For this reason, new leader assimilation activities are an effective way to ease the newly promoted or newly assigned leader’s transition into a new role working with a new team.

Nihar works with many companies as a new leader assimilation coach for specific divisions that undergo inevitable change in leadership.

This offering is a targeted, short duration engagement that may or may not lead to further coaching of the new leader into their tenure.

Many companies run new leader assimilation activities through their internal HR partners and talent development teams, which can be highly effective.  But when an executive doesn’t have access to such internal partners who are experienced in coaching, assessment and facilitation, they look to Nihar as their trusted external partner.

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Nihar unlocks personal insights. Specifically, by leveraging Nihar as a coach, I was able to: (a) understand important subtleties of my personality type, (b) outline my ideal role based on those subtleties, & (c) define the succinct value I bring to an organization. Going forward, these insights allow me to evaluate new opportunities with much greater clarity. Overall, Nihar is an outstanding coach and I highly recommend him.

Vice President, Fortune 500 Communications Conglomerate

It's been a truly refreshing and re-orienting experience working with Nihar. His work experience gives him a solid grounding in the relevant issues at play in today's workplace. He has faced the same challenges. His ear for emotional nuance helps to uncover those niggling issues you probably need to deal with sooner than later, issues that extend outside the workplace. His insights are startlingly simple, yet profound and hard to forget. And he's just fun to work with. I walked in thinking the measure of a coach's performance was simple: it's what you see on your scoreboard. And although my stats have improved dramatically during our work together, what I've been learning is how to enjoy the game again, to get back into my favorite role and just rock it. I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to do that.

Vice President, Strategy and Analytics at Media Company

The executive coaching that I have received from Nihar Chhaya over the course of the last year has been indispensable. Nihar has helped me recognize both strengths and weaknesses and has been able to help me leverage the strengths and guide me in working on some of the weaknesses to further my influence in my organization. He has been helpful in reducing some of the stress from the day to day demands of my job, and given me some good coaching tips that help me understand what is triggering the stress and ways to recognize and improve the situation. He is a great sounding board and has allowed me to work through scenarios and ideas with him to get to a better outcome. Through his coaching I have seen a positive change in the interaction with both my direct reports as well as my direct supervisor and my working relationships have shown noticeable improvement. I have also received good feedback from my supervisor on the positive effects of the coaching received by Nihar. I appreciate all of the time and effort that Nihar has put into our sessions and would recommend Nihar as a coach to anyone that is looking to grow either personally or in their career.

GM, $300M Product Line, Fortune 500 Company

Working with Nihar provided the additional boost of confidence needed as I moved from a first-level manager with a small team to a middle-level manager with a large team and increased interactions with top-level management. After only a few sessions, I felt like Nihar truly understood my strengths and pinpointed the areas I needed to improve in. Through thoughtful discussion and coaching, Nihar was able to suggest ways to work through my self-doubt and how to combat uncomfortable situations. These suggestions have led to quick improvement and I am not only more confident in my role but my supervisor, top-level managers and many of my peers have noticed my progress. Nihar embodies everything I was looking for in an executive coach – someone who listens, makes you feel comfortable, understands complex business situations and is truly committed to your personal and professional development.

Director of Marketing, Fortune 500 Company

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