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Leadership Coaching

Coaching high potential leaders involves a deeply fertile ground for growth, self-insight and lifelong learning because they have experienced the challenges of managing teams and now demonstrate the potential for expanding their leadership capacity at higher levels.

Leaders at these levels, depending on the organization’s reporting structure and job grades, typically hold titles of Director, General Manager (GM), Senior Manager, Manager, Partner, etc.

For our coaching, titles are not as important as defining the success criteria of their current role and the next logical one so that we can help the leader develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors to help them prepare for future impact in their organization.

Often leaders at this level are given a coach because they have just taken on a new or complex role of leadership or because they want to refine their approach with respect to a few aspects and avoid any unexpected future “stumbles” as leadership requirements for success become more challenging.

They may be on the company’s succession plan for upcoming years and an investment in their future potential readiness is imminent.

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Nihar has been an excellent executive coach for me. He has this uncanny ability to know what I want to say before I say it – and he articulates my own thoughts and feelings better than I can myself. He has given me great perspective and has even helped me craft the approach I needed for difficult situations I’ve faced. I value him enormously and highly recommend him.

Maya Leibman, EVP and CIO, American Airlines

We’ve used Nihar on a couple of executive coaching engagements. He worked extremely well with the people he coached. Very direct with his coaching and achieved great results.

Tom Laliberty, Vice President of Integrated Air and Missile Defense, Raytheon Technologies Corporation

Nihar has been my executive coach for about two years. My work with him has been transformative and incredibly enjoyable. Nihar is down to earth, brilliant and funny. He truly understands what it’s like to be a junior executive at a big corporation and how to walk alongside you. He goes above and beyond. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Eden Doniger, Assistant General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Cox Enterprises

Nihar is an exceptionally skilled coach who took the time to learn more about me on a personal and professional level, as well as took the appropriate steps to fully understand my needs in order to customize a coaching plan. Nihar was also able to quickly understand my environment by asking the right questions, taking time to connect with those who I work most closely with to collect all necessary feedback and insights. With that information, he and I had multiple conversations to identify my strengths and growth opportunities. His approach allowed me to develop a comprehensive development plan that is fully supported by my leader and is in process today. Many thanks to Nihar for his partnership and expertise!

Ken Stapleton, VP Global Talent Acquisition, Cigna

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