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Today, successful companies hire coaches to help leaders elevate and accelerate their impact on results.

But does the coach know how to help both the leader and the surrounding business?

Having been both an external coach and an internal talent development leader who evaluated coaches for executives, I’m well aware of the challenges of finding the right coach.

And in my experience, corporate leaders are looking for two critical competencies that are often hard to find in one coach:

1.  The ability to truly coach the person where they are, not just teach the methods that worked in the coach’s career or for other leaders (i.e. mentoring). If this nuance isn’t perfectly clear, read this article.


2.  A high level of business acumen to credibly tie the results of assessments like 360s, personality input and behavioral feedback to what matters in for-profit organizations:  the company’s strategic business objectives and P&L-related decision-making.


Leaders and organizations participate in my executive coaching programs because my unique experience across the 3 B’s – business, behavior and best practices around leader development – exceed the above expectations.

With an unparalleled approach to both business challenges and personal growth, I help executives develop strategies to achieve their highest goals and motivate those around them for extraordinary leaps in performance.

Nihar Chhaya, MBA, MA, CPCC

Founder and Executive Coach

  • Education

    MBA, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
    MA, Columbia University
    BS, Georgetown University

  • Coaching Certification

    Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Coaches Training Institute
    ACC, International Coach Federation

  • Assessments and Facilitation

    Hogan Suite, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, TK Conflict, IA Facilitation

Multidisciplinary Experience Brings Coaching Agility

By working with me, you will have a credible advisor with 20 years of experience from the world’s top businesses, leadership behavior consultancies and academic degrees.

You will also have a partner that has walked in the shoes of both business leaders and HR/people development experts.  The result is a coaching experience that brings measurable benefits to both the leader and the organization.

These 5 areas are critical for value when coaching executives and leaders in corporate organizations.  Click within each for detail on Nihar’s relevant experience.

  • Over 15 years experience in strategy, marketing and internal consulting to finance, IT and real estate operations at various Fortune 500 companies.
  • Led sales team at Corporate Executive Board, surpassing multi-million dollar targets year-over-year.
  • Wharton MBA, former financial and strategy analyst for investment banking, retail and restructuring firms.
  • Led talent development team for Texas Instruments‘ Embedded Processing and DLP businesses, totaling over $3B in revenue.
  • Conducted several hundred behavioral feedback and development sessions for senior executives, business unit leaders and mid level managers as a Senior Consultant at Korn/Ferry formerly PDI).
  • Coached senior leaders after promotion on transition to higher level leadership mindsets and behaviors at various Fortune 500 companies.
  • Conducted assessments and facilitation for C-level leaders and leadership teams at Fortune 500 companies using various tools and techniques (e.g. Hogan, MBTI, 360, behavioral interviews and cognitive testing).
  • Consulted CEO of leading retailer and leading entrepreneurs in South America on organizational development methods for growth strategy.
  • Shared and collected leadership best practices with over 600 C-level and senior executives across the world’s top corporations through the Corporate Executive Board.
  • Coached leaders from C-level to mid-level managers across numerous Fortune 500 and private companies using techniques from thought leaders and other consultancies.
  • Through leading talent development team at Texas Instruments, adapted leading research for leadership programs and built partnership with HR and management to drive results.
  • Continuous learning and application of successful cases from my own leader and team engagements.
  • Senior Consultant and Assessor/Coach at Korn/Ferry (formerly PDI), serving leaders at numerous Fortune 500 companies
  • Certified coach through globally-recognized Coaches Training Institute
  • Certified to administer suite of personality, cognitive and behavioral assessments.
  • Experience facilitating senior leadership meetings and off sites at Fortune 500 companies as well as leading off-the-shelf content sessions on topics related to change, influence and driving execution.
  • We use a structured process called Engage-Execute-Evaluate to ensure agile delivery and continuous value to leaders, HR partners, the leader’s boss and any other organizational sponsors.
  • We believe business results improve when leaders understand how to reconcile needs across both internal and external customers while engaging and empowering teams to deliver on a shared vision.
  • PartnerExec is dedicated to empowering the system around the leader, driving benefits to the organization equal to those for the leader.

Integrating these 5 items into our coaching, PartnerExec is better suited to help executives and leadership teams drive sustained business results.

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