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Coaching for corporate executives

Today’s corporate leaders must drive results across many dimensions, including:  business performance, product/service innovation, executing across functional silos, achieving scalable returns with less cost and inspiring others to follow their vision.

When you get promoted to higher executive roles – whether director to VP, associate to partner or SVP to CEO, you accomplish something many of your peers have not.  For high achievers, the higher title is a long-awaited validation of their hard work and commitment to results.

Yet despite being capable enough to be promoted, 40% of leaders derail within 18 months in their new role.  And 50% of newly hired leaders quit or are fired within the first 3 years.

While they have a seat at the executive table, most corporate leaders do not have a “handbook” on how to succeed at the next level of leadership and organizational influence.

They do their best to follow signals; like doing what worked for them in the past, or emulating their bosses.  Some sink or swim and resort to trial and error as they make sense of new goals, broader teams and a host of complex interpersonal/political challenges.

In addition, too many leaders make the mistake of focusing so much on what they need others to work on, that they fail to notice their own potential blind spots and growth areas before it’s too late.

What separates successful corporate executives from others is their willingness to uncover these personal blind spots and embrace learning opportunities immediately, while still getting the job done.  They manage to focus not just on “what” needs to get done, but on “how” to get it all done as a leader that inspires commitment and integrity.

These successful leaders know that utilizing a coach will help them develop insights that they can’t capture on their own and set personal action plans that enable the quickest acceleration to organizational and business success.

PartnerExec Corporate Executive Coaching Services

Nihar personally conducts all corporate executive coaching engagements for PartnerExec.  He has coached executives at the following companies:

Air Liquide, Becton Dickinson, Cox Enterprises, Dell, Devon Energy, Eli Lilly, ExxonMobil, FedEx, Flowserve, GE (Crotonville), Hershey, JCPenney, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, L-3, McCann Worldgroup, Medtronic, Pioneer Natural Resources, Raytheon, Royal Caribbean, Shell Oil, Target, Texas Instruments and others.

Nihar’s highly attentive coaching approach helps executives leverage self-insight and interpersonal awareness for higher effectiveness in business and leadership.

He uses inquiry, observation and feedback in a trusted way, to generate learning – about yourself and the people around you – so that you can make better interpersonal and intrapersonal decisions.  Better choices ultimately translate into both personal growth and business improvement.

Clients hire Nihar to help them in many areas of leadership growth within a corporate setting.  Sample needs include:

  • Successfully preparing for, and achieving next level executive impact and responsibility
  • Improving cross-functional relationships through self-awareness and influencing strategies to achieve critical strategic goals
  • Demonstrating executive presence that drives business results through effective engagement of various stakeholder audiences
  • Developing personal processes to act strategically while ensuring flawless execution
  • Adopting new behaviors and styles to lead increasingly diverse and global teams

Through executive coaching, you will achieve many of the following outcomes, which ultimately benefit your organization as well:

  • Extraordinary effectiveness in current executive role or preparation for advancement
  • Becoming a more strategic, business-driven leader while ensuring flawless execution
  • Removing blind spots you may have around how others view your leadership style and influence
  • Creating a vision that meets your values and the success criteria of your business/organization
  • Managing self-doubt for greater leadership impact
  • Better handling conflict and complex stakeholder/team relationships
  • Delivering presentations with gravitas, presence and engagement for change

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1-3 levels below CEO

Nihar coaches many leaders in the C-Suite (reporting to the CEO) or reporting directly to a C-level executive. Typical titles depending on organization would be Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Managing Director, Senior Partner and “Chief” titles (e.g. chief sales officer, chief marketing officer, chief information officer, etc.).

In many companies, this group includes leaders responsible for a global region or the P&L of a business unit, such as VP/GM for a product/service line.

The topics we coach on include the above areas already mentioned, but typically involve helping them:

  • Think and act strategically and with a broader enterprise mindset
  • Become transformational leaders rather than transactional-focused
  • Manage conflict
  • Learn how to drive an agenda across the dimensions of business, people development and interpersonal effectiveness.

PartnerExec Corporate Coaching Methodology

A Business Focused Coaching Model with Powerful Self-Insight

Our coaching philosophy is that leaders don’t grow in a vacuum and real change doesn’t happen simply through inner learning but requires practice and outward application.

This means that as your coach, I intend to both champion you and challenge you toward your highest potential.

But your personal goals at the outset are just half the story.

In order for you to be extraordinarily successful within your company and grow as a leader that inspires and serves beyond yourself, we must expand your goals to include meeting the expectations of the environment you’ve chosen: your business, your markets, your internal customers, your teams and your partners.

Often we can’t see ourselves the way others see us and can’t recognize what others need from us to feel willingly led by us.

So the best coaching, in the highest service to you and your organization, starts with setting goals that target the sweet spot between two areas:

What matters to you (the leader/coachee):

e.g. your values, motivators, how you view success, your capabilities, strengths, opportunities for growth and even the things you don’t know matter to you but are showing up in ways that are limiting you.

What matters to the organization in which you are a leader (e.g. your team, your boss, your company, your company’s values and criteria for leadership advancement)

e.g  How best-in-class performance for someone in your role and in your future roles is really defined; what styles and behaviors genuinely lead to success among the stakeholders you serve; and which new approaches you can practice to develop yourself at a higher level of effectiveness in your work.

When we coach in a way that integrates who the leader is and wants to be, with the context of their company’s values and the needs of the people around them, we drive outcomes that are pragmatic and sustainable.

We achieve growth not just for future leadership success, but for business improvements through more effective interplay across the organization and shared motivation between the leader and those he/she leads and influences.

Why choose Nihar as your trusted partner?

Successful companies and executives know that coaching can be a powerful investment in leaders that have the potential to be extraordinary and can help them accelerate the time to hit peak effectiveness in a high stakes role.  But how do you find the right coach for you?

It helps if the coach understands how leaders generally develop at higher levels and has a method for putting that into action, not simply prescribing what you should do or not do, based on the latest leadership fad (or icon).

It’s also important that the coach understands business so that the coaching has practical and commercially meaningful results.

And your coach should be able to provide you with a sense of safety, support and trust. I believe this last point cannot be overstated.

One of the best ways to tell if a coach will provide you a deeper level of support in conjunction with thoughtful insights and learning, is if you can tell that the coach is learning too.

A coach shouldn’t feel the need to be the expert in the relationship; they are there to facilitate growth and reflect the things you are putting out but can’t always see yourself.

If you find a coach that is willing to grow in their awareness while helping you grow yours, you’ll have a coach worth investing in.

Because a coach who is unwilling to adjust as they get to know you and your organization will be unprepared to support you when the deeper opportunities for growth and change start showing up.

Nihar has an endless curiosity about what it takes for a person to achieve business success, lead others, get big things done and find personal fulfillment along the way.

It is this willingness to learn and adapt as much as his clients do, that attracts many successful leaders to choose him as their coach.

His attentive and thoughtful coaching approach ensures that once they choose him, they will find the results they seek as well as lean into goals they may be avoiding but will bring them long-term corporate success.

Nihar unlocks personal insights. Specifically, by leveraging Nihar as a coach, I was able to: (a) understand important subtleties of my personality type, (b) outline my ideal role based on those subtleties, & (c) define the succinct value I bring to an organization. Going forward, these insights allow me to evaluate new opportunities with much greater clarity. Overall, Nihar is an outstanding coach and I highly recommend him.

Vice President, Fortune 500 Communications Conglomerate

It's been a truly refreshing and re-orienting experience working with Nihar. His work experience gives him a solid grounding in the relevant issues at play in today's workplace. He has faced the same challenges. His ear for emotional nuance helps to uncover those niggling issues you probably need to deal with sooner than later, issues that extend outside the workplace. His insights are startlingly simple, yet profound and hard to forget. And he's just fun to work with. I walked in thinking the measure of a coach's performance was simple: it's what you see on your scoreboard. And although my stats have improved dramatically during our work together, what I've been learning is how to enjoy the game again, to get back into my favorite role and just rock it. I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to do that.

Vice President, Strategy and Analytics at Media Company

The executive coaching that I have received from Nihar Chhaya over the course of the last year has been indispensable. Nihar has helped me recognize both strengths and weaknesses and has been able to help me leverage the strengths and guide me in working on some of the weaknesses to further my influence in my organization. He has been helpful in reducing some of the stress from the day to day demands of my job, and given me some good coaching tips that help me understand what is triggering the stress and ways to recognize and improve the situation. He is a great sounding board and has allowed me to work through scenarios and ideas with him to get to a better outcome. Through his coaching I have seen a positive change in the interaction with both my direct reports as well as my direct supervisor and my working relationships have shown noticeable improvement. I have also received good feedback from my supervisor on the positive effects of the coaching received by Nihar. I appreciate all of the time and effort that Nihar has put into our sessions and would recommend Nihar as a coach to anyone that is looking to grow either personally or in their career.

GM, $300M Product Line, Fortune 500 Company

Working with Nihar provided the additional boost of confidence needed as I moved from a first-level manager with a small team to a middle-level manager with a large team and increased interactions with top-level management. After only a few sessions, I felt like Nihar truly understood my strengths and pinpointed the areas I needed to improve in. Through thoughtful discussion and coaching, Nihar was able to suggest ways to work through my self-doubt and how to combat uncomfortable situations. These suggestions have led to quick improvement and I am not only more confident in my role but my supervisor, top-level managers and many of my peers have noticed my progress. Nihar embodies everything I was looking for in an executive coach – someone who listens, makes you feel comfortable, understands complex business situations and is truly committed to your personal and professional development.

Director of Marketing, Fortune 500 Company

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