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CEO/Entrepreneur Coaching

Many of PartnerExec’s coaching clients are business leaders and professionals who are either leading their own companies or interested in starting a venture.  Similar to the coaching Nihar provides corporate executives within established companies, the coaching service for CEO/Entrepreneurs is designed to help you overcome obstacles to success using insight generated about yourself within the context of business and influence.

If you are the CEO of a company or a sole proprietor/entrepreneur, you may face a wide variety of challenges that are difficult to solve alone.  Our coaching helps you take a unique four-sided view of your business and personal leadership concerns to ensure you are adequately covering all opportunities and ensuring success despite inevitable challenges.

These four aspects are:

  1.  The external agenda (market, customers, validated product/service)
  2.  The internal agenda (team structure and behaviors, strategic partners, resource allocation, talent growth)
  3.  Your extrinsic drivers:  motivators like money, power, life balance, freedom, etc.
  4. Your intrinsic drivers – values, purpose, mastery and strengths

Ultimately whether you lead a company of thousands or a company of one, your awareness of both your motivations and limitations as well as a willingness to work with other stakeholders, employees or partners will define your path to success.

Coaching helps you learn more about yourself as well as the other players you need to engage and gives you a creative space to develop strategies toward your goals.

Maybe you want to earn a certain amount by a specified date or maybe you just want to see if your idea has some potential.

Perhaps you already have a successful company but now want to scale it out while exploring how you can be more present to the other challenges in your life.

Or you need a sounding board and accountability partner to better manage your time and energy, handle conflict and improve your communication style to land more customers and motivate your team.

Our coaching offering will help you assess your needs clearly, establish a timeline for action and use coaching sessions to unpack any challenges you face both externally and within your own mindset and methods.

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For CEO's of mature companies

Surfacing blind spots

Many CEOs have come to recognize that investing in a coach is a secret weapon, not a sign of weakness.

When you are leading a company, it can be extremely difficult to get honest feedback about your performance, style and approach.

Your board may be honest with you after the fact, but to be successful in advance of challenges, CEOs know that they must recognize their own blind spots.

A trusted coach who helps them see themselves they way others see them is vital for a truthful reflection, leading to better business decisions, motivation and interpersonal effectiveness.

Managing conflict

One of the most commonly cited areas that CEOs ask for coaching on, is managing conflict because when decisions come up to their level, they will almost always involve reconciling perspectives that are at odds with each other.

If the decisions were easy, they most likely would have already been addressed.  So when the CEO is involved, trade-offs are inevitable.

Through coaching, leaders can recognize where they resist dealing with conflict effectively or over-rely on one approach; learn new ways to handle conflict, and develop a new perspective on the value healthy conflict can bring for business and organizational success.

Influencing around your vision

Successful CEOs establish a strategic and shared vision, driving transformational change through broader stakeholder audiences and developing other leaders to meet future business needs – not overfocusing on or micromanaging transactional activities.

But for many leaders, knowing what to do and doing it can be miles apart.

This is because we all have certain preferences, styles and motivations that drive us to do things that feel comfortable and familiar instead of pivoting to activities that would benefit the company at large and in the long run – even at the expense of short-term needs and wants.

CEOs must continually set the visionary agenda and influence not only naysayers around them, but even themselves to stay the course, staying confident and trusting in their efficacy through setbacks.

Coaching and developing others to outperform

The ultimate success of a CEO and other senior executives is defined by their ability to achieve future business goals through the people they lead.

This requires more than simply being the “boss.”  It demands an awareness of what makes people give their best and grow to their highest potential.

Great CEOs engage and inspire others but also commit to developing leaders to come after them, in order to achieve even bigger things and serve more than they could do in that role themselves.

Coaching helps leaders learn how to become better coaches of their people because they can experience the power of it themselves and then practice new ways of applying it in their companies.

For entrepreneurs starting a venture

Validating your idea

There is a lot entrepreneurs can learn from CEOs of mature companies which is provided in our coaching, however many clients are at such an early stage, that their needs are quite different.

One of the most important lessons taught by successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs within established companies, is to resist the urge to create a business that isn’t first validated by customers.

Coaching can not only help you plan out how you will test whether your idea has potential, but help you tweak your offering and manage your own tendencies (self-doubt, impatience, etc.) so you don’t get in your own way.

Deciding when/how to make the leap

In working with many corporate leaders who went on to start their own ventures, we’ve recognized that many high achieving leaders simply need a sounding board and an accountability partner to take those first steps toward their dream.

Coaching can help you assess decisions in front of you, check whether they align with your values and capabilities and plan actions to get you to your goals, in the context of your current career and business prospects.

Pricing, negotiating, developing business

If you are close to launching a business or already have a viable venture running, our coaching can help you explore strategies to increase the likelihood of success and growth.

PartnerExec is a coaching company that brings the best of business acumen and self-insight and topics like pricing, negotiations and sales are as as critical to your success as are personal awareness and self-improvement.

We will explore your comfort zone with respect to setting prices, handling customer objections, contacting prospects, etc. with an eye on what works in successful businesses as well as hone your skills and confidence to continually achieve your goals amidst inevitable challenges in your chosen field or market.

Preparing for new life and leadership decisions

It is easy for entrepreneurs to become hyperfocused on their product or service and the dream of growing a company, without recognizing the personal changes the entrepreneurial life brings.

Issues like time management, balancing work with other important life goals, managing troublesome mindsets like envy, FOMO or impatience (that can distract from a sense of purpose and unique values), and building a company that attracts the best in others – all can be explored in coaching to ensure you achieve success along with personal fulfillment.

For entrepreneurs to reach the next level in their business

Coaching to handle difficult conversations

Whether with customers, prospective clients, partners or your team, difficult conversations can be a necessary hassle.

Successful leaders practice self-awareness and a willingness to lean into the challenge, reframing the challenge as an opportunity for valuable connection and deeper understanding.

But most leaders don’t get there on their first try; they learn techniques and gain insight into what their natural style is and what they may resist when dealing with others.

Our coaching will equip you with the techniques and self-insight to handle these interactions better, which not only benefit your business, but make the job more enjoyable along the way.

Practicing better sales pitches and engaging customers, investors, stakeholders

For those business leaders who want to expand their company or achieve new goals, it helps to continually refine your approach to the stakeholders that ultimately determine your success.

We can help you not only learn more engaging methods to attract customers and investors, as well as future employees, but give you a safe place to practice new approaches so you can find your own voice and style in an authentic way.

Developing greater confidence and executive presence

In addition to practicing new techniques with your coach, we help you release bad habits, beliefs and other limitations to your leadership potential, propelling your business to the next level.

It’s not enough to learn techniques and practice them; you must be ready and motivated to express your gifts even when feeling hesitant, apathetic or even fearful.

Coaching can help you explore what it means for you to increase confidence and presence in front of the audiences that matter the most.

For those leaders that have no problem being confidence, we also help you make sure you’re not venturing into overconfidence, which negatively limits engagement and true executive presence.

Managing overwhelm, procrastination and other personal barriers

Like any corporate leader, entrepreneurs are susceptible to the risks of high achievement: stress, self-doubt, avoiding necessary challenges and often crippling uncertainty, to name a few.

We coach leaders not just on ideas that make business sense but allow for a deeper exploration into their relationship with the stressors in their career, business and life.

Through the trusted sounding board of coaching, we discover better habits and perspectives that soon become powerful strategies to use in their business and personal lives.

Use coaching to overcome limitations and set a plan for success

If you’re considering a new venture or already running a company, the greatest gift you can give yourself and those you work with, is a plan to improve upon yourself.

As the saying goes, “you don’t have to be sick to get better.”

Coaching helps you build on your success and removes obstacles that you may be inadvertently placing in front of you.

Learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals faster, with more motivation and less doubt.

Nihar unlocks personal insights. Specifically, by leveraging Nihar as a coach, I was able to: (a) understand important subtleties of my personality type, (b) outline my ideal role based on those subtleties, & (c) define the succinct value I bring to an organization. Going forward, these insights allow me to evaluate new opportunities with much greater clarity. Overall, Nihar is an outstanding coach and I highly recommend him.

Vice President, Fortune 500 Communications Conglomerate

It's been a truly refreshing and re-orienting experience working with Nihar. His work experience gives him a solid grounding in the relevant issues at play in today's workplace. He has faced the same challenges. His ear for emotional nuance helps to uncover those niggling issues you probably need to deal with sooner than later, issues that extend outside the workplace. His insights are startlingly simple, yet profound and hard to forget. And he's just fun to work with. I walked in thinking the measure of a coach's performance was simple: it's what you see on your scoreboard. And although my stats have improved dramatically during our work together, what I've been learning is how to enjoy the game again, to get back into my favorite role and just rock it. I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to do that.

Vice President, Strategy and Analytics at Media Company

The executive coaching that I have received from Nihar Chhaya over the course of the last year has been indispensable. Nihar has helped me recognize both strengths and weaknesses and has been able to help me leverage the strengths and guide me in working on some of the weaknesses to further my influence in my organization. He has been helpful in reducing some of the stress from the day to day demands of my job, and given me some good coaching tips that help me understand what is triggering the stress and ways to recognize and improve the situation. He is a great sounding board and has allowed me to work through scenarios and ideas with him to get to a better outcome. Through his coaching I have seen a positive change in the interaction with both my direct reports as well as my direct supervisor and my working relationships have shown noticeable improvement. I have also received good feedback from my supervisor on the positive effects of the coaching received by Nihar. I appreciate all of the time and effort that Nihar has put into our sessions and would recommend Nihar as a coach to anyone that is looking to grow either personally or in their career.

GM, $300M Product Line, Fortune 500 Company

Working with Nihar provided the additional boost of confidence needed as I moved from a first-level manager with a small team to a middle-level manager with a large team and increased interactions with top-level management. After only a few sessions, I felt like Nihar truly understood my strengths and pinpointed the areas I needed to improve in. Through thoughtful discussion and coaching, Nihar was able to suggest ways to work through my self-doubt and how to combat uncomfortable situations. These suggestions have led to quick improvement and I am not only more confident in my role but my supervisor, top-level managers and many of my peers have noticed my progress. Nihar embodies everything I was looking for in an executive coach – someone who listens, makes you feel comfortable, understands complex business situations and is truly committed to your personal and professional development.

Director of Marketing, Fortune 500 Company

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