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HR Leaders: To be more strategic, simply follow your own advice

“We’re finally promoting James to VP next week. He’s ready right?”

Looking squarely in his HR director’s eyes, the senior executive questioned her with a mix of urgency and contemplation.

The HR director calmly assured him.

“Of course he is. You know this hasn’t been an overnight decision. But I’d like to invest in an executive coach for him. At least in his first year.”

The executive looked incredulous.

“What?  Why?  If he’s the right guy and this is the right time, why does he need that?  What message would that send about our confidence in this promotion?”

The HR director thought about it for a few seconds. “Well, actually it sends a better…”

He cut her off.  “And even if we looked at coaching, why would we spend money on someone outside?  Aren’t you a coach?  Isn’t that your job?”  

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