Partner Exec is an executive advisory company

Discover Partner Exec CAFETM: coaching, assessment and facilitation for effectiveness


Help leaders achieve business results while practicing new mindsets and actions to meet future challenges.


Discover and measure leader/team effectiveness in time to solve business challenges.


Foster insightful dialogue to help team remove resistance, develop vision and execute flawlessly.


Ensure deep stakeholder alignment and self-awareness for leader and organizational success.

Benefits for executives

Coaching provides a sounding board and accountability partner for the following goals:

Extraordinary effectiveness in current executive role or preparation for advancement

Be a more strategic, business-driven leader while ensuring flawless execution

Create a vision that meets your values and the success criteria of your business/organization

Manage self-doubt for greater leadership impact

Better manage conflict and complex stakeholder/team relationships

Deliver presentations with gravitas, presence and engagement for change

Benefits for organizations

Customize coaching, assessments and facilitated events to achieve these outcomes:

Receive targeted, objective insight and action plan to help your people lead effectively in complex roles 

Remove blind spots between leaders and their bosses, cross-functional peers and teams, driving greater trust and collaboration

Establish deeper bench of ready-now talent for critical roles through development of high potentials

Develop vision, strategy and accountable execution plans across leadership team 

Improve perception/value of department for internal and external customers (e.g. marketing, IT, HR, finance, procurement, supply chain, etc.)

Equip executives/leaders with personal strategies to meet business needs and achieve more through teams

A better way to deliver feedback to leaders

The best leaders know how to give feedback in ways that remove resistance and drive change. Get Partner Exec's feedback tip sheet for leaders sent to you today.

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